Dan Ellis
Software Consultant

Software solutions for automation and integration.

A profound passion for pioneering simple software solutions.


Empowering seamless connections across software, home automation, and robotics to innovate and simplify your digital world.


Revolutionizing everyday life with automation, where convenience meets cutting-edge technology to create smarter, more efficient spaces.


Crafting the future of digital solutions through meticulous development, where code meets creativity to build impactful, innovative software.


Bridging the gap between development and operations to ensure seamless, agile delivery of high-quality software, faster and more reliably.


Unravelling complexities with precision debugging, turning challenges into opportunities for refinement and robust software performance.


Enhancing innovation through collaboration, where diverse ideas converge to forge ground-breaking solutions in technology and automation.

I am committed to leading our journey towards pioneering the integration of software development, home automation, and robotics, driving forward with a vision that marries innovation with practicality.

My mission is to craft solutions that not only anticipate the future but actively shape it, ensuring that every solution we develop and every service we offer sets a new standard for excellence and efficiency.

Together, we are not just navigating the digital frontier; we are creating it, with a dedication to sustainability, user-centric design, and the transformative power of collaboration.

Dan Ellis

Owner and founder of DanEllis.co.uk